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Summer Racing Series Finale

Last Sunday saw the final races in the Summer Pursuit and Summer Points Series in a steady north westerly wind and warm sunshine, perfect Goring conditions! Both series have 13 races and have seen some tight but friendly racing since the first race at the beginning of May.

Going into the final Pursuit race Andrew Darke had an unassailable lead despite accumulating 4 minutes of personal handicap and won the final race as well to take the trophy. Everyone seemed to have a good time and it's been great to see some new faces in the fleet with 31 unique competitors. Full results can be found here: GTSC Summer Pursuit Series 2021.

The Points Series was much tighter with everything hinging on the final race and Andrew Darke leading on points. The only person who could change that was Mark Hayzelden who needed a win to be equal on points. With a good Laser hiking wind helping out, Mark led the fleet to win, leaving him and Andrew level on points. The tiebreak rules were in Mark's favour so he takes the trophy -who says racing at Goring isn't close! Full results can be found here: GTSC Summer Points Series 2021.

Next Sunday (29 August) sees the start of the Autumn Points series with races 1 and 2 at14:30 and 16:00 respectively. If you've not tried racing please give it a try as the fleet is friendly and it's a great way to improve your sailing. Tea and cake between races is a great chance to restore the energy levels and pick up helpful tips!

Andrew Darke in action about to round the mark!

The fleet heads upwind...

And downwind dodging the cruisers!

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