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Saturday morning sailing club…what do you need to know?

Saturday morning club is one of our most successful with large numbers of beginners, building up their confidence both on and off the water using a variety of club dinghies, kayaks and paddle boards (not forgetting the fun to be had with the fishing nets and chilling in the Junior snug). So what do you need to know? Here’s the top 10:

  1. Saturday morning sailing starts this Saturday (28th April) from 10.00 to 12.00pm

  2. If you haven’t booked yet please do using this link

  3. All sessions are run by our RYA instructors and safety boat is always present

  4. Please immediately fill in the Health Waiver Form…it will be sent to you by email a couple days before the Saturday morning session and it protects you, your kids and us in the event of ever needing to use the club’s insurance!

  5. All parents/carers must attend the full session

  6. Rigging and de-rigging by parents/carers is encouraged, helping our youngest sailors learn how to look after their dinghy

  7. Bacon sandwiches, tea and coffee and soft drinks for the kids are usually cooked up by one of the parents.

  8. To help with this please use the rota for volunteering your hand at making the tea and putting the bacon on! It’s always massively appreciated by everyone who turns up! If you need any help with finding your way around the kitchen just let us know and we will help. Usually the bacon and bread is already provided and in the fridge.

  9. If you want to buy more than one session check out this link which allows you to buy multiple sessions for the season (and at a discounted rate of £56).

  10. Even when the sun is not out, it’s a lovely friendly atmosphere to get to know your club, the instructors and watch our beginners blossom into sailors!

See you there!

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