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GTSC Regatta 2021

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Well, our Regatta went ahead. The first one for a couple of years and it was very successful, apart from the wind not showing up!

Wind speeds started very light ….and then got even lighter. However it didn’t hold us back and we were able to run a full day of events.

The day of racing started with the Senior Moments for those 60 years ‘young’ running along side the first of the Junior races.

The Senior Moments race was won by Peter Barefield in his National 12 , Will Paddick in a Topper in the first of 2 Junior Races.

Will would go on to win the overall Junior Races.

The second Junior Race was won by Will Almond in a Comet.

Then we had the race for Novice/Adult Improvers. In his Comet Duo, Harry Boyle won.

A short break was taken – to grab some nourishment from the Barbecue or refreshment from the Tea Bar.

All being looked after by a gang of very willing volunteers. The day could not run without your help so big thank you.

After the break and back to ‘serious ‘racing in the afternoon starting with Bart’s Bash.

The Global event originally founded in 2014 by the Andrew Simpson Foundation to commemorate the life of Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson, an Olympic Gold Medal winner who sadly died young.

Bart’s Bash in 2014 was verified by Guinness World Records as ‘the Largest Sailing Race in the World’. Goring Thames Sailing Club has been involved with Bart’s Bash every year since its inception.

This year 12 GTSC boats took part.

The honours of the win went to Andrew Darke. The highest junior boat – a Feva crewed/helmed by Abigail Eyre, Gemma Hedley & Izzy Boulton-Jones .

The day continued with our next event – The JMS Challenge Trophy race.

As a bit of background - James Middleton Stewart was a former Commodore at Goring Thames Sailing Club and did a lot for the club – such as help the club acquire a fleet of Club Boats that are free to use by members. A fleet of boats that have proved most popular and that we have continued to grow since with newer boats and latterly the inclusion of StandUp Paddleboards and Kayaks.

Together with the addition of new boats, Stand-Up Paddleboards and Kayaks they are a significant asset for the club. James would have been proud.

So the JMS Challenge race would be based using club craft. The race made of 5 different ‘legs’ – first leg set off in 4 Picos which struggled in no wind. (Good job it was a very short course). Then handing over to the next leg of 4 StandUp Paddleboards and then to 4 Kayaks with a repeat of a further leg of SUP’s and Kayaks to complete the “relay”

The event was run in 4 teams and won by Team A consisting of: Don Francis, Bea Maletras, Nick Boulton-Jones, Beth Almond, Ian Paddick and Cillian Coyle.

As the wind died further (wasn’t much of it before!) we moved onto our last event of the day – The Parent/Offspring race. The idea that the Offspring would helm the boat with the ‘parent’ as crew.

The fastest lap of the very short course, purposely set for the low-wind conditions, took a frustrating time of over 24 minutes set by the race winners Pierre Hennington and Jim Hennington.

Racing completed, it was on to de-rigging of boats and packing away.

So ends another GTSC Regatta.

I have shown the day’s results below so you can see where you finished. For Bart’s Bash you can see how you did against everyone in the world who sailed in the event. Go to

It was really good fun and I hope everyone who came enjoyed it.

A big thank you to everyone who volunteered to help with the various jobs. We could not have carried the day off without your help.

Thank you also to all our visitors. It was great to see so many new faces. I hope that you will have seen what a fun and friendly club we are and will come back down very soon.

Neil Champion

GTSC Sailing Secretary

Ballot for team selection for JMS Challenge

Pictures taken by Peter Hunter

Regatta Results

Photos taken by Simon Abbott

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