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Beginner Sailing Easter Course

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

A great week was had by 5 juniors learning to sail at GTSC this week!

Beginner Sailing Courses are a great way to learn the basics and start to get the hang of sailing!

Throughout our 4 day course, we learnt tacking, gybing, basic boat controls and the best bit, CAPSIZING!

With the wind coming from the East for most of the week the wind wasn't really on our side, so a big well done to our juniors for succeeding in less than ideal conditions!

Congratulations to everyone who received an RYA certificate this week!

Benedict Houlihan-Smith (RYA Stage 1+2)

Lanah Houlihan-Smith (RYA Stage 1+2)

Rowan Nicholson (RYA Stage 1+2)

Teyla Nicholson (RYA Stage 1+2)

Freya Little (RYA Stage 2)

And another big congratulations to Daisy Wakefield for achieving her RYA Assistant Instructor!

Here are some pictures from the week of sailing:

More Beginner Sailing Courses are available to book for the upcoming year here.

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